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With hope as a driver – talks on the basis of the debate book of the same name.

About the book: We must continue to believe that it is pointless to save the world. It is the message of Søvndal very personal debatbog WITH HOPE AS DRIVING FORCE. Based on his personal story of a frugal upbringing in a West Jutland peasant family takes the former SF leader and Foreign Minister reader on a journey into the world – both as a young leftist activist and experienced politician – and behind the facade in international politics and tells the story of the world’s true condition today – and where the world is going, if we fight for it.

For the fact is that the world has never moved forward with such big steps now; the average life expectancy grows, the infant mortality rate plummets, absolute poverty is halved, education around the globe increases, there are more democracies than ever before, and many frozen conflicts is on the way to being solved, or at least thawed.

Yet left, according to Villy Søvndal with the impression that the world goes through h … for when you turn on the TV or browsing the newspaper; the extreme Islamism is in progress and use the religious argument as an excuse for mass crimes, environmental and climate change problems threatening dramatic changes in people’s life, the increasing inequality in the world creates a social pressure from the bottom of society, and the huge refugee flows changing global demographics and puts pressure on the rich countries.

But it can all still end positively, if you have hope as a driver.

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