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Suzanne Bjerrehuus trained lawyer, but had her breakthrough as a television host (Dr’s Super chance, TV2’s Eleva2ren, TV3 Rich and Famous and others) and debater, where she often is in Good Evening Denmark Friday panel.

She has written letter boxes and columns for Ekstra Bladet for many years. Today, she and her friend Karen Thisted frontman of TV2’s popular ‘Grandmother’s Brothel’ series. Here in the last lap, the two ladies in Gambians to look at the combination white older women and beautiful, younger black men.

She may be on Saturdays heard in P3’s Mads and monopoly. It has also been to three books “Is winter near,” which is about being a cancer patient trapped in his own tormented body, “Life in my men” which is about Suzanne’s life and all the men she met on her way. The last book “Bladder ass and Bjerrehuus” she wrote together with Mads Christensen Bladder ass.

Lecture by Suzanne Bjerrehus:

In festive banquet with Suzanne Bjerrehuus (Or: Between Heaven and Earth)

Suzanne Bjerrehuus are many places that have many opinions and is not afraid to go against the tide. She stands for a rare kindness and honesty that has made her a popular speaker. “Growing old is something you choose,” says the woman who believes in the principle “body without age, mind without time”.

In this talk makes Suzanne Bjerrehuus up with all our hidebound opinions about ourselves. She tells anecdotes from her own life, some are between heaven and earth. Andre is about to bloom, change tracks and love her failures. Nothing is sacred.

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