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Steffen Kretz is a foreign correspondent, news anchor and author.

He has a long career with DR covered wars and conflicts around the world, has been posted as a correspondent in the Middle East and the United States and been news anchor and editor of a number of DR’s major news and magazine programs. Steffen Kretz is the only Danish journalist interviewed a dozen presidents and heads of state from Moammar Gadaffi to the Dalai Lama, and he produced in 2005 DR’s big international interview series, They Wrote History, which has since been broadcast in many countries in the world. But above all, Steffen Kretz a narrator who knows how to convey a fascinating story with a wealth of personal experiences while delivering the big picture, whether it’s on TV or as a speaker or moderator.

Steffen Kretz lectures on climate change and is a sought moderator at conferences and debates on particular climate challenge.

Lecture Steffen Kretz:

Lecture 1: My job in the world’s hotspots

Based on his book “focal points – reporter on the edge of the world” tells Steffen Kretz about life as a foreign correspondent in the world’s hotspots. How he prepares to work in a war zone, and how he manipulates the violent impression? And why even travel into an area that people desperately trying to get away from?

Lecture 2: Out of war fog: About the lie as a political weapon

Steffen Kretz covered in July and August this year, the war in Gaza for DR on both sides of the front and was even the target of mortar attacks. Hear him tell how a journalist covering a bloody war, while bombs are falling, and what considerations he does about his own safety.

Lecture 3: USA on the way back

USA is on the way out of the crisis – but not unscathed. Based on his time as a correspondent in the United States, says Steffen Kretz on Americans’ great reluctance to pay taxes and their ingrained fear of a strong Washington. About a superpower, which is rapidly losing global influence – but also a desire for freedom and entrepreneurship, which still make the United States the world’s leading economy.

Lecture 4: The ice is melting on Greenland – what now?

Greenland is one of the places on the globe, where the consequences of climate change are evident, and when the ice melts on the world’s largest island, it has consequences for all of us. By virtue of his job as climate correspondent Steffen Kretz visited Greenland and tells about his experiences and the experiences he has made on his travels all over the world: from the North Pole to the Sahara, from Texas to the Amazon, from India to Australia: Where he sees climate change most clearly? How does this affect us when the ice cap melts, and the desert in the south spreads when the rainforest is burning, and the glaciers disappear?

The correspondent and anchorman

Steffen Kretz is now editor and host of DR1s popular foreign magazine Horizon. He previously served as anchorman on Sunday magazine, news anchor on TV news and correspondent in New York. In 2005 he produced DR-TV’s international interview series, They Wrote History, in which he interviewed ten world leaders on their most crucial decisions. Steffen Kretz is also DR questioning in the sharp political choice programs Crossfire.

Competent moderator

Steffen Kretz is an experienced moderator at conferences and debates in Danish and English. But a mixture of sharp journalistisisk humor and whimsy he ensures that the event is both relevant to the participants, entertaining and gives food for thought.

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