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Actor, entertainer, comedian and lecturer

Søs Egelind knows how humor, a positive outlook and to embark on challenging things can make life more fun and exciting. Søs Egelind have many personal experiences with getting rid humor loose in everyday life and are able to communicate in a way that evokes laughter and thoughtfulness.

Lecture: Let humor go – And use it in everyday life!

With humor as tools and weapons, it can be fun and different inspiring to go to work. It becomes easier to overcome all that sour – from vacuuming and taxation for spouses and crises.

Can you really decide for yourself how much fun life should be? Of course you can.

Studies show that absenteeism decreases and productivity increases, when successful colleagues having fun together – even during working hours.

Søs Egelind is an intelligent woman in her prime as with a colorful pallet of thoughtfulness, self-irony and presence creates an awesome experience. There is great risk that your bad mood is completely destroyed after a meeting with Søs.

Hear how we can get stress barometer to fall by laughing in each other’s company. It will be different fun to go to work. It’s not about telling jokes endlessly, but to see the crooked and unpredictable in a given situation. We are talking about constructive interference.

With a sense of humor and a twinkle in the eye, we are able to address many of the “sour” aspects of the work.

She was trained and worked as an actor since 1982 at theaters, in movies and television. As a comedian, she is particularly known for her partner with Kirsten Lehfeldt – “Søs and Kirsten” – where they have presented over 80 different characters in both live shows and the television series “The Kingdom”.

Who remembers example not Berit from the TV series “Flemming and Berit,” Elizabeth from “Lærkevej” or the purple doll Harry, as she did the voice for over 100 commercials for DSB.

Other Lecture by Søs Egelind:


Søs Egelind is Double World champion in survival from cancer, and shares generously out of her own experiences in a personal, life-affirming, thoughtful and positive talks about life-threatening illness and how to go through a severe crisis and come out the other side as a wiser, more happy and grateful human.

She was diagnosed with lymphoma and was in her own words “pickled thoroughly from head to toe”, but survived. only to be hit by a malignant melanoma.

The challenges have been queuing, but Søs Egelind found out that serious illness can be a gift if you focus and keep the direction toward survival.

A frank talk, not only about the disease, but of courage, survival, joy and love of life!

LOVE AT SPARK – A lecture to business.

Søs Egelind, freelance actor, director, writer and comedian, has had varying jobs for more than 30 years and have experienced relationships which worked well …. and less well.

She gives her take on how to kick-start a better working with one another, in a speech full of humor and constructive ideas.

During bull points as:

  • Get started in the creative part of the brain and optimize the joy of the work – and life!
  • Strengthen the community at work
  • Turn it all upside down
  • See and be seen
  • Take ownership
  • Body & voice
  • Increase satisfaction and thus productivity
  • Collaboration across professional competence
  • Creative solutions to technical challenges
  • Fussion how?

Søs Egelind likes to target her talk to your company….

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