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Rasmus Tantholdt correspondent and journalist

Rasmus Tantholdt has for many years reported from the world’s hotspots, and has thereby traveled extensively in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.
Rasmus has also reported from refugee crisis in Europe, and also from the Olympic Games in Brazil in 2016th

Rasmus Tantholdt conveys his lectures in a cozy and good way. It’s harsh things he sees on his travels, but he understands nevertheless convey his lecture with humor, so participants also get to smile in between.

Tantholdt got his education at the Danish School of Journalism and then joined the TV 2, where he has been since.
Tantholdt must now make a new travel program on TV 2, where he concurrently will report from the world’s hotspots.

Lecture Topics:

My life as a war reporter

Tantholdt traveling in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, and he tells the audience about the dramatic events he experiences.
Rasmus also tells about how the inhabitants of the affected areas live in spite of the violent events.
That it is a dangerous job, Rasmus have also seen that it costs TV 2 kr. 25,000.00 a day to protect him when he is around in the hot spots.

Syria tur / retur

Tantholdt have traveled in and out of Syria many times over the last year, while the civil war has been raging.
Rasmus has also interviewed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who many regard as a war criminal. Hear him tell about his impressions of the man behind the president.

Tantholdt also tells about how he can avoid being emotionally affected by seeing the distress and misery that the Syrian people have to live in.
Tantholdt are lovers with his colleague Natasja Crone. He was previously married to Cecilie Beck and Caroline Boserup with whom he has a son.

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