Poul Hansen

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Poul Hansen lectures on personal development, teamwork / teambuilding, coaching, leadership and sports.

Poul Hansen is known as one of the best “football brains”. He has been in charge of, among other things. Lyngby and AGF – and thus seen to be a leader in a sometimes tough business.


Poul Hansen

What can you do to develop your players optimally?

What brings you continually the best performance forward in your players?

How does a professional coach – often under stress and pressure – in everyday life and on Sundays?

How do you form different personalities into a powerful unit. Is it both a leadership and a personal style?

How do you form your coaching style and the communication tools do you use?

Coaching is for leaders or future leaders.


Poul Hansen

A professional football team is at once a set of individualists and a group to act together. There must be room for everyone, but at the same time we will work towards a common goal. Furthermore, only 11 out of the total squad of football players who come on the field for any given match.

How and when triggered the individual effort and in a team – when it succeeds and when you can not do? How to motivate EVERYONE on the team, including those who sit on the bench.

Poul Hansen gives, based on his experience, advice for how to get all kinds of “football team” to perform at the top. It is both entertaining and very educational lectures, and Poul Hansen is an experienced speaker who is good at sensing who he faces.


Poul Hansen

Productivity, quality and job satisfaction.

How do you create good productivity without being worn out?

The sum of the company’s social capital is crucial for the well-being

How to create and maintain well-being?

Efficiency and job satisfaction is an excellent duo

How can management create social capital?

It is very much about motivation and team development, and based on my experience in developing well-being and high performance with football at the highest level, I give examples of guidelines to achieve the above.


Poul Hansen

A professional football team is a performance group at the highest level. It is characterized by an extraordinarily diverse group with many great individualists and egoists that not everyone can play on Sunday – which is the ultimate test.

When and how triggered the individual effort and in a team – when it succeeds and when you can not do? What are your role as team leader and what are the requirements for you as a team leader? How is the team’s development stages and what is the relationship between team and culture?

Team Development is for groups of managers and employees – all working relationships, perseverance, winning culture etc.

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