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Poul Erik Skammelsen has been employed at TV2 / TV2 NEWS since 1988 and has been distributed to most of the world’s hotspots.

He has been a presenter on several television programs and can currently be seen as permanent host of 22Skammelsen which is TV2 News The late newscast.

Poul Erik Skammelsen lectures:

Lecture 1: The world’s hotspots

In this lecture takes Poul Erik Skammelsen participants on a journey ported through the journalistic hot spots around the world where he has remained. He was there when TV2 started in 1988. A new station without journalists who for years had sat heavily on the exciting jobs. There was also only a short time before he found himself in his first big political focal point during the massacre on Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Later it has been for countless tasks as a journalist from the world’s hotspots. The image of the planes that collide into the skyscraper, the image of jubilant people who punches a hole in Berlin – the wall, the image of the student and the tank at the Tiananmen Square, the image of Chechen freedom fighters in suit with machine gun over his shoulder, the image of the tsunami that hit the coasts the Indian Ocean are images we encounter on TV over and over again. Poul Erik Skammelsen was there and that he talks about in the lecture “In the world’s hotspots”

Lecture 2: Trumps America

When Donald Trump was elected president, it was a surprise to most, a shock to some. He does not look like its predecessors in the White House. In a bitterly divided United States, he was elected by a narrow majority in a few places of especially white working class voters, the American Bruce Springsteen sings about. Trump could mean big changes – especially for others in the world. Poul Erik Skammelsen tells about Trumps America. Skammelsen former Washington correspondent and has helped to cover the last seven presidential elections.

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