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Lecturer, konferenciers, moderator

Peter Qvortrup Geisling is Denmark’s gifted and talented TV doctor education both as a journalist and doctor. He has for years served as DR’s medical expert, where he has given the Danes on health, diseases and ways to better health in the programs “Doctor’s Table,” “Diagnosis seeks,” “Have a good time,” “Evening Show” “Crazy or Normal” and “Health magazine”. At the same time Peter health correspondent TV News.

Therefore, you must book Peter Qvortrup Geisling

Today Peter is responsible for DR’s information site about health and health correspondent for DR. Just information and knowledge is the doctor’s priorities. The sympathetic Peter Qvortrup get plenty of opportunities to prove and show his great knowledge and disseminating it to a general audience – which is something he is quite adept.

Peter, like we remember him for the screen very quickly and easily explain and provide useful concrete answers and advice. He’s very audience accustomed and certainly a gentleman who knows what he’s talking about. Peter Qvortrup still performs as a presenter and compere in DR auspices. Additionally, he has weekly medical practice and is a lecturer with the lectures “Give your life a service,” “stress with the TV doctor” and “Communication in health care.”

Peter Qvortrup Geisling is known from:

– Health magazine (2016 – present), DR
– TV newspaper, health correspondent (2013 – present), DR
– The Danish Collection (2013), host
– Diagnostic Wanted (2008 – 2009), DR1
– First aid for your work: the job without stress (2008), People’s Press
– Evening Show (2011 – 2012)
– Have a good time (2006-2008), DR1
– Doctor’s Table (1997-2005), DR

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