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Peter Ingemann: TV host and author. Peter has made TV for 15 years – the 11 of them as the host of some of Denmark’s most-watched TV programs (Hammer, The Great Bake Battle, settlers and others).

Peter Ingemann lectures:

 Lecture 1: entertaining lecture about “STØRST” with host Peter Ingemann

“STØRST” – is TV2’s new travel program on the largest and most fascinating thing in the world. The program has gone from strength to strength on the screen and have received some of the highest marks ever for an entertainment program. Join host Peter Ingemann, behind the scenes of this popular program. And hear the secrets behind the success and all the funny side stories – which were not included in the program. The lecture is spiced with clips from “STØRST”

Lecture 2: Ingemanns Land

Most people know Peter Ingemann as the sweet and nice host of the TV program Hammerslag, but Peter Ingemann’s life has not always been a bed of roses, and he has also written about in his book “Ingemann’s Land”. In describing Peter Ingemann a life marked by a father with ups and downs that affected the whole family. In his lecture – held in interview form – he talks about his childhood, and this will certainly give the audience a new image of the popular TV host.

Lecture 3: Hammerslag

A lecture about Denmark’s most popular and longest running lifestyle program – Hammerslag. After more than 22 years draws the program still 1 million viewers each week. But what is it that makes the program so popular? Peter Ingemann will in this entertaining lectures, talk about the elements that made the program a success, and supplement with fun and surprising scenes clips of Hammerslag.

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