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We know him from TV and the big homicides as “homicide chief Ove Dahl, Copenhagen Police,” which tells the latest news from the investigation. Recently, we have also been able to experience with him the book “Homicide boss” is an intimate portrait of the Copenhagen Police familiar face, Ove Dahl.

Therefore, you must book Ove Dahl

Throughout his long career in the police Ove Dahl seen most – and the worst. Now he tells for the first time even though some of the most spectacular cases as he saw them. Among other things, the case of the dismembered body from the center of Copenhagen and a still unsolved femicides.

In all cases, Ove Dahl been on the spot. The audience get an honest insight into Dahl’s unusual universe, both the professional and highly personal. For how is it to be spouse and friend to former homicide chief, and how responded the professional Ove Dahl on a personal level when he faced having to investigate yet another cruel crime? Ove Dahl offers right now the talk “homicide chief – new cases” based on his book of the same name.

  • “An exciting hair-raising evening with a live presenter.” – Skjern Cultural
  • “He’s a dazzling and natural storyteller, and does so with respect for the many vulnerable cases. We’ve got so many roses back from our guests. “- Fuglsangcentret

Ove Dahl is known from

  • homicide chief – new cases (2012), JP / Politiken Publishers
  • Copenhagen Police homicide chief

Homicide chief – new cases

Go behind the facade of the bestseller from 2012 “homicide chief – new cases”, which this paper is based. The book was torn off the shelf and referred Ove Dahl’s portrayal of investigative work by the most sensational murder he has been in charge to solve. Ove Dahl describes a number of cases that have dominated the media and whose rawness and brutality has made a strong impression on the experienced intelligence director. Ove Dahl recounts in the book about the investigation of the killing of a Norwegian stewardess at SAS hotel in Copenhagen, the hat-murder in which a young man is killed on Stroget, because he would not return his hat and on Amager Man case where a 45-year-old family man was charged and convicted of seven rapes and two murders.

In Denmark each year on average committed 60 murders and 10 – 12 of them being committed in the former Copenhagen homicide boss Ove Dahl’s area. Based on the book “Homicide boss” depicts Ove Dahl in the lecture his life and work.

Ove Dahl retired in the summer of 2011 after 40 years in the police force, of which the last 8 years as a homicide chief of the Copenhagen Police.

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