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Mikkel Beha has in his 25 years of working I moved around in all corners of the Danish TV.

From Channel 2’s start in the mid 80s to child and adolescent host at DR B & D. Producer of award-winning documentaries, to host temporary Robinson, editorial director and TV2 editor of the major entertainment shows. He has been a series producer for Discovery Channel International and in recent years hosted on Go’Aften Denmark and now Good Morning Denmark.

Work and Mikkel’s own life has brought him around all layers of Denmark, and given him the ability to get to know and speak well, with almost all people. Mikkel is traveling front early injured child. With an upbringing on Nordkaperen foundation was laid for a life where as skipper, with his own family, sailed over the world thin. His work has brought him from Tahiti to Bangladesh from the US to Russia and most of Europe. Mikkel is a living telling can give his listeners a rush, either from the great world, or our own TV world.

Mikkel Beha Erichsen lectures:

Lecture 1: At sea with Mikkel Beha
Since Mikkel was very young, adventure and voyages at sea has been a big part of his life. An evening with Mikkel is a journey out into the wonderful world and all the challenges that come with when you release the mooring lines to the familiar everyday and go on adventures. Mikkel tells about traveling with children, about the meeting with foreign cultures and the joy of crossing the oceans. But also on the hard work, it sometimes can be, for his dreams to come true. Mikkel displays images from a long life in the oceans and clips from the TV series “Heading Towards Far Coasts”, and talks about all the things you do not see on TV. Mikkel is an engaging and lively narrator who with great joy will share the many experiences bunk bag filled with, having traveled the world thin with his family.

Lecture 2: Speak proper – about communication
Mikkel tells about and shows both good and bad examples from his work by interviewing small 2000 people annually, and should get all of them to deliver their best on live TV. Everything from Prime Ministers to shy West Jutland children, difficult international pop stars, flirty sexologists and people in their life grief or crisis. How do you get people to feel safe? How to create a common contract for the conduct of interviews? How do you get people to open up and tell? How to become a good listener? And where is the border between being personal and private. Mikkel invite people “on the scene” for an interview and shows in very concrete examples of what works and what questions or methods you definitely should avoid? Mikkel highlighting examples of good and poor interview skills, good and bad body language and everything else to keep in mind when you have to win someone else’s mind confidentiality and give them the desire to share their story. An evening with Mikkel Beha will inspire and motivate people to get the best out of their staff interviews, client meetings or job interviews or just arouse the curiosity and the desire to talk well with each other in everyday life. Mikkel is a humorous and lively narrator who is not afraid to give examples of his own blunders or embarrassing episodes from his own life.

Lecture 3: Management of the Sea

Lecture 4: Tailored lectures

Mikkel Beha is an extremely experienced moderator who can match a each event and with great dedication and professionalism help you tie the day together. So whether you need a master of ceremonies, a chairman for a debate, an interviewer or perhaps a combination of all Mikkel Beha a really strong card to have on hand.

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