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Mette Walsted Vestergaard is host of the radio program P1 Morgen at Danmarks Radio.

Previously, she was host of the TV Magazine on DR1 and has also played host to several major TV shows, including Denmark Collection twice; The year that was, Selection Morning, general election, the climate summit in Copenhagen, IOC summit in Copenhagen, documentaries about how the Danish aid money ends up, as well as numerous event broadcasts, eg in connection with royal events, publications of major political news and more.

Mette Walsted Vestergaard is a competent moderator, who with equal authority and sense of the good atmosphere sets the scene for lively, informative and successful event. The combination of academic background (cand. Comm.) And journalistic experience (Berlingske, BT and DR) makes Mette Walsted Vestergaard a versatile moderator that by careful preparation, humility of the field and the ability to cut through embraces also more complex debates and conference topics.

Mette Walsted Vestergaard lectures:

Lecture 1: Why do we need foreign aid?

On several trips around in both West and East Africa, I visited the recipients of the money the Danes each year generously donates foreign projects, including in connection with Denmark Collection. From Batwa people live (one pygmy tribe that until a few years ago lived as hunter-gatherer people) without rights in Uganda for surgical retrained paramedics in Mozambique’s rural areas. The trips raises many questions: Why do we need donations? Why do we give them? Is there any point?

Lecture 2: What is charisma?

Why burn some people through, while others seemingly always wearing clothes that matched the wallpaper? What are the x-factor (s) actually in. Learn about what voice, pitch, articulation, pauses and body language does to a person’s appearance.

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