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Martin Erichsen, holds lectures about how to accelerate the development, one would like to see. In a combination of education, entertainment and hands, he holds more than 200 lectures a year, making him one of the most sought after.

“I work with, how to make things work and do not know who is right and not right. Like when we need to learn to drive a car: Some startup problems and must find pedals. Some need help with the steering wheel, while others sat in the back seat and watch passively while the car speeds along out of control. My job is about getting teams and people to put themselves back in the driving seat and take control of the car so they can run wherever they want, at the pace they want. It’s really about creating freedom. ”

Martin’s background is mercantile. Originally, he read HD Finance at Copenhagen Business School and has worked as a management consultant in the Swedish Internet consulting company IconMedialab – but he has also worked as a toothpick seller. His humorous approach and dynamic style hit the nail – regardless of the audience’s geography and age. Over the last 5 years, over 40,000 people from more than 18 countries attended his lectures. With his commercial background and life wisdom he moves his audience, so everyone goes away inspired and especially energetic.

“Instead of looking for motivation in something you basically do not bother, I have always worked to find the courage to do the things I really want. In this way, energy and motivation come all by itself. My experience is that when we understand other people’s behavior patterns – when we train ourselves to see the person behind a person’s behavior, there is a much higher tolerance between us. Developments to get there, starting to understand ourselves – why we do what we do, “concludes Martin.

Martin Erichsen lecture

Lectures 1. Kickstart

½ – 1 ½ hour entertaining initiator. This is an interactive kickstart where Martin Erichsen shows you how to actively choose your focus and get the best possible start to the day and Monday morning. The quality of your focus determines the quality of your mood. The quality of your mood is equal to the quality of your life. If you change your focus, change your life.

One who is good with a hammer sees nails everywhere.

We expect everyday problems, we will also automatically search for them. We will be good to see them and may get more of them. If we choose instead to focus on a positive future, we will also notice what we are good at. It motivates us joy of creation and provide energy. In short, we become the best version of ourselves.

Release the energy loose

In the same way you can on the way to work choose whether it should be a good day with joy and challenges, or about the day’s duties should be seen as routine and boring. If you decide to affect yourself positively through positive focus and see the work as a sport where you are training for the big championship, you change your attitude, behavior and energy levels dramatically. Start the day by turning your energy loose, and you are guaranteed that your yield for the whole event will be even bigger. One thing to talk about being excited and in good spirits, quite another to experience it on your own body – that’s what Martin Erichsen’s post does.

Lecture 2. Thank God it soon is Monday

½ – 1 ½ hour interactive lectures Martin Erichsen Thank God it soon is Monday lecture is about how to take control and looking forward to Monday morning and the future whatever it may offer.

Martin gives answers to:

  • How do you choose your mood?
  • How do you raise the bar?
  • What will it take to reach the goal?

How can it be that chaos, change and uncertainty makes some people stronger while others break down? How can it be that the outcome of a football game can get some to break down crying, while others were partying all night? The answer is that it is not the events that determine our mood, but how we relate to them. As the ultimate role model for energy, shows Martin you how you affect yourself and your surroundings mood. The quality of your mood is equal to the quality of your life and the decisions you make.

Dissemination is a combination of lectures, entertainment and practical exercises. It will mean to the Martin supports his points with exercises where you are active – at the pace you wish. Some would like to be very active while a slightly calmer pace better suited to others. Crossing targeted topics such as job satisfaction, cooperation, humor, stress, management and sales, so you are assured of a bright red thread to Monday morning.

Discover a lecture right on the edge of the chair, do not settle for sharing the excitement – but creates enthusiasm.

NB: As an organizer, you must be aware that “Thank God it soon is Monday” employees are very excited and hence loud. Ask therefore course or conference venue, the room is suitable for joy outbursts and spontaneous applause.

Lecture 3. How to deal with unreasonable people

Can you get the team to work together perfectly will be able to win over any competitor in any market, at any time. The challenge is that just because it is simple, it is not easy. All teams make mistakes and can develop. This lecture focuses on what mistakes we typically commit and what we can learn from them.

It is about avoiding:

  • Lack of honesty and trust
  • Fear of conflict
  • Lack of commitment
  • No accountability
  • Inattention to results

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