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Lykke Friis is a specialist in European policy with special focus on Germany.

She is Vice-Rector of the University of Copenhagen and past climate, energy and gender equality minister. She has published several books on the EU and Germany and currently sits on a number of European think tanks. Lykke Friis is a widely used expert of TV and radio. Her latest book “Dogs for Germany” is about the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall.

Lykke Friis lectures:

Lecture 1: Angela Merkel – Die Queen aus Berlin

The world’s most powerful woman. Or Queen of Berlin. These clichés have long been stitched on German Chancellor Angela Merkel. And after the refugee crisis is Mother Angela joined. What is up and down on these descriptions, what does her East German background, and why she has such a strained relationship with Russia’s Putin? These are some of the questions that Lykke Friis focuses on. In the lecture draws Lykke Friis also on personal experience with the Chancellor, during COP15 and most recently with Merkel’s visit to the University of Copenhagen. The lecture is currently in that it also relates to the role of Merkel plays in cases such as the refugee crisis and Britain’s ambition to renegotiate Britain’s EU membership. Finally answered “cliffhanger question” – Will Merkel survive the refugee crisis and who will eventually be able to replace her on the record?

Lecture 2: Brexit – the difficult divorce

On 23 June, a majority of Britons refuse to remain members of the EU. Prime Minister David Cameron resigned, and since then British policy not be the same. The question, however, how long it will take the British and the rest of the EU to negotiate divorce in place. Which membership forms can be imagined, and what impact will a British exit gain for EU cooperation, Denmark, and not least the Danish business community. In the lecture put Lykke Friis sharply on these issues with Germany’s Angela Merkel as the key mediator, and she also reports on the consequences of the British rejection may be for the future of Britain – Great Britain or Little England (with among other things an independent Scotland)?

Lecture 3: Europe – what now?

The growth and influence have long kept the big move to the new strong economies in Asia. Meanwhile, Europe scrambling to deal with internal challenges, such as refugee crisis and Brexit. It all complicated by the fact that the EU countries are facing a “super election year” with elections in such key countries like France, Holland and Germany. In the lecture gives Lykke Friis a “helicopter view” of the EU’s many challenges and focuses on the most decisive player, namely Germany’s Angela Merkel. The lecture draws heavily on Lykke Friis own experiences with the EU system as a researcher and minister.

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