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2017 is the year where Lotte Heise mark his 30 years on stage in Denmark with the best of the best on “There are more and more wrinkles” -turné.

Since the beginning she has delivered over 30 different shows. No taboo and virtually all topics have been affected.

Nurses should have a medal.

Lotte Heise is now ready with a new lecture, where she talks about her approach to elder care and focuses on social and health care assistants working conditions and remuneration.

After Lotte Heise’s mother got a blood clot, the foul-mouthed entertainer, actor and lecturer gained extensive knowledge of the local elderly care.

And it has not always been enjoyable, she told the People’s Meeting on Bornholm.

But even though she has been dissatisfied with many things about his mother’s illness, she has great respect for the majority of the social and health care assistants who helped her mother.

Lotte Heise’s new book was published in August 2015, which also is her latest lecture:

Of course she will stay with me – Whether to stay with his disabled mother.

Lotte Heise has over 3 ½ years living with his disabled mother in February 2011, a blood clot, which resulted in an overall right side paralysis and Expressive Aphasia.

“It meant that my super cool mom, from being a normally functioning human being, could not much even besides that she lost the ability to speak. She understands everything, but expresses itself extremely limited. The mental prison seemed I was so sorry for her that I rented a house where she could live with me and my then 14-year-old twins.

It has been a long, difficult, exhausting, but also life-giving and beautiful journey.

We’ve laughed, cried and fought and it has been worth it, but also a price to pay!

From 03.01.2015 live my mother now sheltered accommodation in Gentofte, close to all her friends. She’s been consistent with that she is dependent on others, have a great mood, reads hear classical music and we still go to concerts and opera together, something that always, regardless of disability or not – has been an important link in our strong relationship! ”

Hear the Lotte talk about her and her mother’s journey through 3 1/2 years in an unusual fraternity, with twin boys, reptiles, spiders and a few cats! There’s going to be cut down a tear, laughed and plenty to think about!

Lotte Heise can be booked as a speaker and compere

Lecture by Lotte Heise

It must be fun to be old in Denmark

– Why is believed that older no taste buds have?

– Why do many in working with the elderly, “baby language”, or even worse talk down to the senior citizens?

– Where is the logic when one hand at all do not know what the other is doing in our municipalities, as always lack money, but has an incredible number of employees?

– Hospitals forget the one and the other, but the older it difficult to speak up and complain – it’s not everyone who has a daughter named Lotte Heise to speak up – when things are not in order.

– Why is life a word actually reserved for people under 75 years or completely healthy?

– In Denmark, we lack of respect for people are “old” or are not quite super fast.

– We lack empathy and it’s sad in a society like ours, where most, after all, have plenty.

This and much more, as well as a few personal stories to follow her disabled mother, through thick and thin, entertains Lotte with in 75 minutes!

Relevance for your business

It’s about serving the messages so that they are taken in. If the audience does not experience a commitment, so am I wasting their time.

“I do not know why so many men hate me, but it means a lot to my approach to a business lecture” says Lotte Heise.

There is a huge impact in standing in front of such. 50 “Lotte Heise-hating” men who basically do not bother to listen to me. They might rather have had another, or maybe they are just tired of seeing a ‘gibbering eksblondine “must” teach “them about something that I should not have sense of. But when I stood before them in half or full hour and has won them when they believe in me, then I get a special kind of respect. That gives a speech something special that is impossible to rehearse.

The whole point of a good speaker is to equip the messages and content with a closeness, one inevitability that the recipient sees himself in the message. Was it not the case you might as well send his messages on a PDF file and ask people to read it thoroughly. It is about maintaining its audience’s interest and be completely present. If you drive your own race – and so can anyone else be very much of a jumping jack – so it will be at the expense of the messages.

You always listen to one that you are mad at. Quite ironic. We are simply arranged so that we can not ignore the people we most want to ignore. I see a unique opportunity to make me positive force when “people are angry”. One can embark on a large artyrium or endeavor to remember that one rarely is as relevant for some, as for those who are mad at one.

All Lotte Heise posts offered in French, English, German, Norwegian and Danish course. Lotte Heise’s motto is “lectures that make a difference.”

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