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Lola Jensen is known to have a high humor in her presentations while bite and wit without lecturing, and therefore the desire to seize the word great.

Trained social worker 1980. The first year, then in a kindergarten. Then, two years on treatment homes for children with social challenges. Over the past 30 years as a family counselor in families whose lives are run awry. This cooperation has a broad practical experience in what is happening in the family Denmark pt., And given the role of supervisor for colleagues and instructor, lectures and author of books and production of videos on the subject.

Lola Jensen lectures:

Job, family and children, to get it to stick together

Everyday life for family Denmark come under the loving care and put on humorous point. Parents will of course their children the best. It’s just not always that the goal is going to match the action. The presentation is a two-hour “fireworks” that provides ideas for action in family everyday life and in the days after giving colleagues something to talk about and laugh together of.

To sell the hot potatoes / the difficult conversation

Where is it sometimes damned hard to handle a conversation, especially on the hottest topics. Two hours or the whole day course inspires a thought to your own personal appearance in the role of facilitator, body language, communication, trust, openness, self-limiting – how far does the possibilities to go into the issue of what topics happens often clashes around, and what is the reason, how tackled a possible. anger at the listening party, and how tackled a possible. resistance?

Outlook for each other – working – working

Imagine if you could go to work every day and be yourself. Imagine if you did not have to take on certain roles. What if the others just did what was expected of them, and think if expectations for own person was known. Two hours or all-day course about systems and their power, roles and role distribution, the individual’s daily life is performed through the personality, one can speak of a cooperative easy personality?

Increased stress in daily life – where does it come from, how can it be managed / reduced?

More and more people become stressed due to increased press in everyday life. Often it is not what is done that stress, but the way it’s done, or it is what is not being done or done well enough, which leaves a stressful feeling. Two hours or all-day course provides inspiration about stress factors, with examples from lots of everyday situations where there is a built-stress factor and through the examples given ideas to handle everyday life more rational and less stressed, as well as ideas for setting up goals for change, and how they can put into action, so that a possibly. sadness and burnout can be prevented, thereby creating room again for increased joy in life, job and family.

Complete list of lectures:

Lecture 1. The fairytale world – children is a fairy tale, like if you have a life with those who give the opportunity to see it

Lecture 2. What is a good baby’s life?

Lecture 3. What expectations do we / can we have for each other in the joint work on the child?

Lecture 4. Well-being in the family Denmark / parental roles today – jobs and children – have it all to hang together

Lecture 5. Who decides in your house?

Lecture 6. The art pleased to be the parent of a child in the new millennium

Lecture 7. The art of maintaining a positive parenting / family / cohabitation after the arrival of wish child

Lecture 8. The courage to dare to put caring environment and provide valuation for children

Lecture 9. The joy of being together with a school

Lecture 10. The art to rejoice in fellowship with Teenagers

Lecture 11. Young people and abuse / parenthood concern

Lecture 12. Bullying – how it starts – the consequence – the role of adults

Lecture 13. A historical look back and until today about the questions – what is a good baby life – what ffects children?

Lecture 14. Self-management – how little – how much – how?

Lecture 15. Children’s social skills – practicing social skills including the values ​​that can minimize / prevent child bullying each other – relationships between children

Lecture 16. A whole evening of food culture, meal, frame it, and a thought of getting health into everyday life

Lecture 17. Strengthening cooperation with parents

Lecture 18 such couples positive opportunities for arrival of wish child – job family children to get it to stick together

Lecture 19. The family Danish daily life is put in a humorous tip

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