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Lillian Gjerulf Kretz is a journalist, author and moderator.

She is the daily host on DR’s news flagship TV newspaper pm. 21 and has spearheaded a number of the station’s big bets as the general election and the program “The past year”. In October 2009, followed a billion television viewers worldwide with as Lillian Gjerulf Kretz was hosted by the International Olympic Committee conference in Copenhagen. Here she could with her co-host of BBC reveal that Rio will host the Olympics in 2016th

Earlier, Lillian Gjerulf Kretz reported from hotspots like Afghanistan and Lebanon for both newspapers and television. She has covered national and international events such as the inauguration of the US president. In 2005 she co-producer on the DR’s major international interview series, “They Wrote History”, with ten world leaders in the hot seat. The series has since been shown in many countries and include on the Arab satellite channel Al Arabiyan. In 2007, Lillian Gjerulf Kretz viewers around the world as guest host of the most successful series of sections of the program “Sporløs”. She is the author of the book “A Royal Wedding” from 2005.

Lillian Gjerulf Kretz lectures:

Lecture 1. The Afghan women’s secret life

How is it to have to share her husband two other wives? Being denied an education? To dream of being beautiful and attractive – but having to cover her body from hair to the soles of the feet? Lillian Gjerulf Kretz moved in with a family in Afghanistan to look for answers to these questions. Along the way, she was a friend of the house women and saw their private life that only their man otherwise look: Did you hear their thoughts and dreams – mutual jealousy and frustration with the limitations of their lives. In Kabul’s women’s prison met Lillian Gjerulf Kretz prisoners who were sentenced to death for adultery – and in the new parliament, she spoke with women who risked their lives to seek political influence in the war-torn country.

In this lecture takes Lillian Gjerulf Kretz audience to enter a world that is closed to most, but which also holds the key to understand both the problems and potential solutions to the seemingly endless conflict in Afghanistan.

Lecture 2. How do “Sporløs” find the missing parents?

In 12 months traveled Lillian Gjerulf Kretz around the world along with Danes in a lifetime have been looking for their missing father or mother. Dramatic family stories and track that led across six continents, brought the seeker towards the goal and the answer to the very existential questions: Who am I and where do I come from? But how successful it for the team behind Sporløs to find people who have not been heard from in decades? And it never happens that the track ends cold? Where is the line between help-seeking viewers – and to make their emotions in stressful situations for entertainment? Lillian Gjerulf Kretz helped to relaunch Sporløs and says in this lecture about the difficult problem of the way and about life as a bloodhound behind the camera.

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