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About Connie Svendsen

Connie Svendsen is something as rare as a flight attendant and lecturer. She has a contagious positive approach to life, and has a great ability to share her experience and advice so that they can be used both at home and at work. More than 60,000 listeners have already experienced Connie as a lecturer. Her narrative has made the participants enthusiastic about her stories as she dare tell what others think.

Her two mottos are:

“If all dared to give that little extra, the world would be positively changed”. & “What you focus on, you get more of.”

She started her first business at age 19 and opened a few years later, yet another in Stockholm. She has worked as a guide and AirGuide in Spies Group and has over the last 25 years also been associated Bakken. She has also traveled around Europe with a magician been dating a former winner of the International Eurovision Song Contest, gave birth to Denmark’s second largest baby, swum with dolphins and dive with sharks and ceremonies she lost her rigid teeth without losing composure. Connie Svendsen received in 2014 an award for “BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE” in Thomas Cook Airlines, selected from more than 28,000 employees.

She knows what she’s talking about!

Connie Svendsen lectures:

Lecture 1: “GOODBYE TO BROKRØVENE” – A pep talk on Job Satisfaction and Happiness

Fasten your seat belt and get ready for Take Of when the stewardess Connie Svendsen go live with her latest lecture. She continues the success of “The Little Extra” and now goes one step further. She dare poke janteloven, do away with brokrøvene and highlights the strength of our diversity. Available brokrøvene at your workplace? When Connie Svendsen goes to work in Thomas Cook Airlines experience she rarely swagger passenger who may succumb to a week of sun, food and drink. Nevertheless, there are those who cannot sleep for roaring ocean, or appears there is too much sand at the beach. What is happening? Imagine if it’s easy! How do we maintain the motivation, the spirit, the moment and the joy of going to work? Turn around and maybe the answer is right behind you. So simple and yet so powerful. Just look at the direction, which gives the solution.

The lecture provides:

  • Motivated employees
  • Fewer sick days
  • Less hernia
  • Increased job
  • More humor
  • More well-being

Come and be inspired top and get touched laughter muscles. Duration: 60-75 min.

Lecture 2: The little extra – a pep talk about job satisfaction

A simple tool for companies delivered with a sense of humor and self-irony, and lots of fun inspiring examples from everyday life. To give “Little Extra” will lead to great changes and achievements in relation to himself, his family and at work. It is about changing attitudes and make just a small difference every day. Increased job creates more satisfied customers. More satisfied customers generate additional revenue. Claim: Anyone can learn it, it’s free, it rubs as an airborne virus, production increases, absenteeism decreases, less stress, better teamwork, better and faster communication. Duration: 60-75 min. If all dared to give that little extra world would be positively changed.

Lecture 3: Daring to live life – one pep talk about positivity and quality of life

Based on her own very interesting life, takes Connie Svendsen participants on his life’s journey. Ever since she was 15 years old stood on the outdoor stage with Pierrot, and she and her 8-year-old son traveled alone in the East. The lecture is filled with humor and captures participants from start to finish. The message is: Daring to jump to life’s train and take the opportunities that present themselves. She will be with her human insight to give the audience a positive angle with its towbar, as she dares to say what others think. Dare you jump on life train or you will be standing on the platform?

Lecture 4: What you focus on, you get more of

How long is a crisis? Dare you look at it as a state, and the necessary tools for their own and others’ success. An earth lectures for all. Connie Svendsen gives raw and honest messages on the solutions, seasoned with a good dose of humor.

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