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Former European Commissioner and Minister of Denmark. Lecture on climate and environment.

Connie Hedegaard was first elected to parliament in 1984, where she was spokesman for the Conservative Party. In 1990, she chose to stop in politics and worked subsequently served as a journalist at Berlingske Tidende, Head of Radio News, and host of Deadline.

In 2004, Connie Hedegaard back in Danish politics, where she was Minister for the Environment, Minister for Nordic Cooperation and later for Climate and Energy. In 2009, Connie Hedegaard also Minister for the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen before she in 2010 to 2014, EU Commissioner for Climate Action.

Connie Hedegaard has received numerous accolades and awards and has also been on the Times top 100 most influential people in the world.


How should we deal with the climate?

As Environment Minister and EU Commissioner Connie Hedegaard often asked the question what she was planning to do about the climate? And throughout her career she has tried to address the fast growing climate change and the challenges that we face in the coming years.

In her lecture talks Connie Hedegaard on how a successful way to reconcile climate challenges, the growing population in the world and the growth that we need. What can politicians and business do and what are we all as responsible citizens do? Connie Hedegaard tells personal and well documented on one of today’s major challenges, if not the biggest.

European Union – a Union in crisis?

EU-critical parties forging ahead and Brexit in England became a reality. More and more countries doubt what they get out of EU membership, and whether they can do better themselves, and in some citizens politician conductive pronounced. But the EU is the problem – or rather part of the solution? Is the EU the other “down in Brussels” – or Europe is also us? Who wins by a weaker EU? And what can the EU and European politicians do better if they want to regain people’s trust?

In this sharp and informative lectures says Connie Hedegaard on her own experiences in European engine. Well it is a hassle with the EU. But what happens if the EU disintegrates?

Why do we need democracy?

Democracy is the worst form of government – with the exception of all the others, said Churchill. But where are we going with democracy? Politician trail seems widespread. Populism is on the rise. Media landscape is increasingly fragmented, and the tendency that we are discussing with others in various echo chambers grows. What should we do to bridge the gaps? Connie Hedegaard has many years of experience as a politician, journalist, minister and commissioner and take in this thought-provoking lectures temperature on the state of democracy.

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