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For 20 years, the Danes have been able to start or end the day with the charming Cecilie Frøkjær running on screen in “Good morning” – or “Good ‘evening Denmark.” Through her work, she met a great many people she talks about in her lecture . 5 consecutive years was beautiful and glorious Cecilie Frøkjær named “Year TV hostess” of the four main TV channels in the country – and that with good reason. Cecilie that the past 20 years has been one of the country’s most prominent TV presenters, is as a pillar of Danish talk shows TV. With great professionalism, a sharp mind and a smile, Cecilie long since established herself as one of our major media personalities at home. You can not say “Good Evening” – or “Good Morning, Denmark”, without saying Cecilie Frøkjær. Cecilie Frøkjær has with its years of insight into different people and their history, achieved a great human understanding that makes her ideal as a speaker, presenter or host.

Cecilie is currently active with lectures: “Frøkjær and Lady” and “thousands of people”.

Cecilie Frøkjær is known from:

  • Cecilies Bogshow (2015), TV2 Charlie
  • Fixed host on TV2 Charlie Heart Gala
  • Good Evening Denmark (2010-2016), TV2
  • The mistress comes today (2010), Interview with Lise Nørgaard, Gyldendal
  • Net Female TV Host (2007-2008), Billedbladet
  • Light in Life (2005), Interview with Jane Aamund, People’s Press
  • Net TV hostess (2004-2008), TV-Price
  • Good Morning Denmark (1996-2009), TV2

Even more about Cecilie Frøkjær

Cecilie Frøkjær is one of the most popular TV presenters with solid role in “Good Morning” – and “Good Evening Denmark” as well as with the host roles in the collection program “Crack Cancer” year’s cavalcade on TV2 “The Greatest Moments” and especially with her own show “Cecilies Bogshow” that was shown on TV2 Charlie. Cecilie Frøkjær jumped as new hatched journalist over to the new “Good Morning Denmark” on TV2, where she formed the duo with Michael Meyerheim. Here Cecilie worked as a real host for over 10 years, all Danes could zap over to the weekday mornings. With warmth and talent brought Cecilie news, weather and current themes and did such a great achievement that she entire number of years extending from 2004 to 2008 was the sovereign winner of the TV award for “Year TV hostess,” which was named Denmark’s total largest channels – DR, TV2, TV3 and SBS TV. Also Slide magazine’s readers presented her for two years a price as they had voted for her as “the Year Female TV Host”. After a few years break, turned Cecilie to the screen in 2010, when she was real host of “Good Evening Denmark”.

Cecilie has also proved her writing talent by publishing books based on interviews with some of the era’s greatest female personalities. Cecilie book debut came under the title “Through Estrogen Wall”, which reported on contemporary women’s lives. Then she has been a writer and interviewer on two portrait books with Jane Aamund and Lise Nørgaard – respectively entitled “Light of Life” and “The Lady come today.”

Cecilie Frøkjær lectures:

Lecture 1: Thousands of people

Cecilie Frøkjær have met more people than most – politicians, actors, singers, writers and all sorts of Danes with their personal history. And now she is ready to talk about her experiences. With humor and irony, says Cecilie Frøkjær what she learned from meetings with, among others Lise Nørgaard, Jane Aamund, Britney Spears – and her old classmate Thor. Look forward to an entertaining, thoughtful and personal talks, where Cecilie Frøkjær also talks about how you can become better at listening when life or people you meet on your way, who have something important to tell you!

Lecture 2: Frøkjær and mistress

Cecilie Frøkjær and Lise Nørgaard is among the nation’s best known and most admired women and both with humor and wit thrilled several generations. Recently, they published together with the best-selling book of interviews “lady come in today,” with empathy and joy portrays Lise Nørgaard’s long and extraordinary life. Since then, cooperation has developed into a close friendship, as the popular television host and author Cecilie Frøkjær now opens up in a new lecture.

“Frøkjær og Fruen” are based on Lise Nørgaard, a beloved, admired and vital woman who has entered her 100th year and live by the motto: “We need everything.” Cecilie says with her usual charm about the fun and educational friendship – and Lise’s strategies to achieve a long, dignified and fulfilling life. The lecture will focus on what Cecilie has learned from her partner with “The Lady”, but also what we can all learn from Denmark’s most impressive pensioner. Look forward to an entertaining, optimistic and thoughtful lecture on wisdom and friendship between two women from different generations.

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