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Dance instructor, author, “Vild med dans” judge and lecturer.

Many know Anne Laxholm the judge in TV2’s dance and entertainment program “Vild med dans,” but the role of a judge is only a very small part of Anne’s career.

Anne started to dance at the age of 3 years and was 15 years old dance partner Hans-Henrik, who later became her husband. Along gambled Anne and Hans-Henrik everything to get a career as an elite athlete in dance, and therefore chose to travel to England to learn from the best in the world. Hard work and staking by traveling to England led to success and a lot of titles which include World champions and European champions in dance. While dancing career started Anne a company in London, which was a huge success and received numerous awards.

In 1989 stopped Anne and Hans-Henrik their professional dance career, and moved in 2001 back to Denmark with their daughter where they started the dance studio, Dance Academy Laxholm they still operates today.

Give me a year

The lecture is based on Anne Laxholms book: “Give me one year” in which she talks about her life in the dance world. Anne will include talk about how the dance brought her and her husband together, their common dance adventure in England and the journey back to Denmark 28 years later. Despite the fact that dance has in many ways been a great adventure, it led also to a lot of challenges – both in dance career, but also in relation to life’s other aspects – including their marriage, partnership and not least the role of entrepreneur.

A lecture about a career as an elite athlete, the role of entrepreneur, co-owner of a successful company and not least the role as one of the top referees in TV2’s entertainment program “Vild med dans”.

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