Anne Dorte Michelsen

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Anne Dorte Michelsen

offers lectures mixed a cappella singing, and based on the musical ability of liberation and transformation.

Lecture: The body and the soul’s language

When one closes her eyes and sings, you feel yourself, body rummaging, heart gi`r up and you get the opportunity to hear the body and the soul’s secrets.

We must never forget to give the song to another as a wink, as confidentiality, the song is the place where we open up both outward and INAD.

Listen to the child’s song about life, when running on his red tractor on a summer morning, the mother who goes off in the morning with the pram and sings lullabies, the old lady in the nursing home that almost nothing can remember, but remembers his childhood and youth songs.

When we sing in unison when we cry to music, dance to it, grasped it and remember about it, we encounter ourselves and each other, marks the world and ourselves.

Anne Dorte Michelsen tells of her own songs, to find them, get to know them and to know myself through them. I talk about finding God and meet him in the Psalms, even though I like many Danes are not religiously educated, Bible knowledgeable and assiduous guest in the parish house.

In between, Anne Dorte Michelsen gives examples of the music as she talks about with a cappella (unaccompanied) singing.

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